October 14, 2013

Video Surveillance: What Should You Look For?

Some days, it would be nice to have eyes in the back of your head. As a business leader, you would be ever-aware of your surroundings and potential security threats.

Well, it’s a good thing (and we’re assuming far more comfortable for your head) that video surveillance systems can do the trick. If security is important to your business, having the right kind of system is important.

We can’t think of a reason not to have visible video cameras in place, and here are six reasons why you should:

1. They capture the truth —24/7 if you want, so it’s far less likely to run into a dispute about how things occurred.

2. They mitigate legal concerns. They can help your address legitimate claims and refute false ones with the use of visual proof of an incident.

3. They boost employee safety. Your can keep your employees safe by knowing who is coming and going from your facility.

4. They lead to operational improvements. Video surveillance can be used to monitor materials, manufacturing processes and valuable assets while reducing loss.

5. They increase customer service levels. People tend to behave their best when they know that a video camera is around.

6. They deter criminals. They serve as a visible deterrent.

But when it comes to video surveillance, the “why” isn’t really the issue. It’s the “what” — what features matter more than others, and what level of security is best suited to your needs?

Here are four questions to ask yourself before selecting a video surveillance provider:

1. Is the company an expert in the planning, installation, maintenance and monitoring of all types of systems, for all types of businesses and homes.

2. Does the company approach video surveillance like a product-pusher (not good) or as a consultant (good)? In today’s world, companies encounter many types of risk in their work environments, including workplace violence, accidents on the job, theft, and simply the protection of employees and assets. Work with a company who asks about your needs, listens and suggests what’s right for you — not for them.

3. Does the company want to help you mitigate risk? That’s really the key when it comes to video surveillance — improving your ability to prevent problems in a way that’s both effective and economical. With a little planning, businesses can realize significant benefits for protecting facilities and employees and improving the bottom line.

4. Is the company progressive in its security offerings, including digital video recording, network video recording, surveillance equipment styles, and fully integrated systems that include access control and intrusion detection features?

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