October 9, 2017

The Importance of Security Protocols to Safeguard Your Business

Acts of violence continue to make headlines, with the most recent news coming out of Las Vegas, NV and Manchester, UK. As these situations often occur at a moment’s notice, victims are left with little time to make rational decisions to protect themselves and those around them. Although acts of violence repeatedly play out in different scenarios, experts often look back on a common security flaw or a complete lack of a security plan altogether.

While we have undoubtedly bounced back from tragedy before, we must continue to prioritize security efforts on a personal and professional level. In situations where it impacts a place of business, security plays a critical role in safeguarding an organization’s most important asset – its people. It becomes clear why so many companies are investing in resources to keep their employees, facilities and data secure.

What Your Business Can Do:

1. Train your employees

Issue: Poor or negligent actions can put your employees and assets at risk – allowing unauthorized access to visitors, not fully closing and locking doors, failing to report suspicious activity – the list goes on. At times, employees often ignore the warning signs of threats to your workplace before it’s too late.

Solution: Train your employees on best security practices and educate them on potential signs of workplace violence. Encourage employees to take action immediately, if necessary to prevent unwanted outcomes. It is also important to review emergency exit points as part of your fire and life safety plan.

2. Protect your assets

Issue: Unauthorized visitors can also pose a threat to your physical and digital assets. Although external entrances are often locked, internal rooms that contain servers or critical files are sometimes overlooked. Some businesses also fail to properly monitor access to computers and protect their data.

Solution: Secure and monitor access control points, eliminate piggybacking and communicate the importance of using passwords and locking doors. Assess any workplace situation before putting yourself or others in harm’s way.

3. Consult with HR

Issue: Conversations all too often occur after an accident transpires. Now is the time to talk with your HR department. Does your business have protective services in place? What precautions are you taking to protect your employees and property?

Solution: Develop an internal security plan at your place of business. Ensure that your plan complies with important security policies and focuses on protecting your employees first. Additionally, work with management to see if your security systems are working and up to date.

When it comes to protecting your business, there’s no such thing as too much security. Dunbar is dedicated to ensuring the safety and protection of its staff, clients and on premise visitors. We offer a full range of security solutions, designed specifically for our customers’ requirements. To request a free assessment for your business, complete this form and a security expert will be in touch with you shortly.


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