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Video Surveillance

Dunbar’s Video Surveillance Solutions give you the ability to assess any workplace situation before putting yourself or others in harm’s way, providing a powerful tool for mitigating risk. With planning and effective monitoring, businesses can improve security and benefit their bottom lines at the same time.

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Video surveillance capabilities

Video recording

Capture and archive critical video using everything from legacy systems to the latest in IP technology.

Camera surveillance

We follow the latest advances in technology and assess what systems work best for your current environment and budget.

Intelligent video analytics

Cutting-edge software can remotely monitor and identify high-risk scenarios in real-time, helping you get the jump on situations before they become critical.

Fully integrated systems

Dunbar’s Video Surveillance systems can be integrated with Access Control and Intrusion Detection systems, giving you the full security picture in real time so you can make informed response decisions as quickly as possible. Options like advanced Motion Detection and point-of-sale monitoring help us deliver security solutions custom-tailored to virtually any business environment.

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Video Surveillance benefits

Legal concerns

Address legitimate claims and refute false ones with the use of visual proof of an incident.

Employee safety

Keep your employees safe by knowing who is coming and going from your facility.

Operational improvements

Monitor material utilization, manufacturing processes, or track valuable assets to reduce loss and improve efficiencies.

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