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Dunbar’s Intrusion Detection Systems integrate with your overall security system, often deterring would-be intruders before they even attempt to gain access. We offer customizable systems that perform far beyond traditional lock-and-key systems in terms of both protection and value.

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Digital security controls

Our systems are designed for modern technologies, including I.P., VOIP, and standard phones. Two-way communication with the control panel allows instant arm/disarm and text input with a smart phone, and secure, web-based tools allow programming changes from your desktop browser.

Encrypted wireless

Our wireless systems meet U.L. standards for two-way communication, allowing for a higher level of encryption than most competitors. This means your devices communicate securely with your control panel.

Intrusion devices

We utilize many different styles of Door Contacts, Motion Sensors, and Glass Break Sensors, for ultimate flexibility.

Wireless backup

Statistics prove that not having a backup communication device presents the greatest risk of intrusion. We’ll analyze your needs and recommend the backup solution best for your business.

Dunbar's Full Range of Security Systems

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