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Keeping people safe is our most important job at Dunbar, so we prioritize training and certifications to help you affordably include the highest standard of Fire and Life Safety to your managed security plan.

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How it Works

  • 01 Needs assessment: A dedicated Dunbar Security Systems expert will complete a comprehensive safety assessment of your business in order to fully identify the needs of your facility, employees, and assets.
  • 02 Planning and design: Our team of experts will design a fully operational Fire and Life Safety Solution based on our Needs Assessment.
  • 03 Installations: Certified technicians will install your Fire and Life Safety Solution, while we provide scheduled maintenance and testing in accordance with your local requirements. Every system we install follows the strict codes and standards set by the National Fire Protection Association, Underwriter Laboratories (U.L.), and is in compliance with State and Local jurisdictions.
  • 04 Monitoring: Our Monitoring Station maintains an annually reviewed U.L. certification so you can rest assured that our systems and practices meet the highest standards.

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