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Protecting your property and your employees without impacting your business operations can be a challenge. Easy, accessible control over who can enter and exit doors, elevators, garages, and other points of entry goes a long way towards helping you achieve the right balance.

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Access permissions

Fully customize and assign access levels and times to individuals and/or groups.

Access reporting

Track cardholder/employee movements as well as entry door breaches with customized reporting.

Scalable management

Easily add permissions and controls as your facilities and workforce expand.

IP-based system

No need to have dedicated computers and software to maintain the system, lowering IT costs.

System monitoring

Highly trained security experts monitor access 24/7.

Software upgrades

Access Control System software upgrades are available as soon as they’re released.

Managed Access Control

Our cloud-based services allow you to control multiple facilities through Dunbar web-based tools and applications. We’ll also handle your day-to-day administration needs like adding and deleting users, updating schedules, and compiling reports.

Feature comparison

While traditional lock and key systems can be cumbersome, Access Control from Dunbar is easy to install, set up and use. Our IP-based systems eliminate the costs of having dedicated computers, software, or people to manage access points. You can respond instantly to emergency situations and make changes to employee access on the fly.

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