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Dunbar security personnel, whether armed or unarmed, deliver protection to commercial, industrial and government organizations that is unmatched in the industry for quality and consistency.

Disciplined, Intelligent Personnel

Unarmed Security Officers

Our trained, licensed, and insured security personnel can control access points, patrol client sites, act as office concierges, and more.

Armed Security Officers

When your security or heightened asset protection requires a stronger deterrent, Dunbar provides security officers licensed and expertly trained in armed protection, many from military and/or law enforcement backgrounds.

Off-Duty Police Officers

We also work with active-duty law enforcement officers to provide the highest level of private security available.

Prisoner Transport Services

Dunbar’s professional security teams are fully licensed, insured and trained in proven risk management best practices. We provide expert safe and secure prisoner transport services for Federal, State and local government organizations.

Mobile Vehicle Patrols

Whether your site requires the ultimate in show-of-force security presence, or is just too large to be protected exclusively on foot, Dunbar’s professional officers have you covered with specialized training, distinctly marked vehicles, GPS tracking capabilities, and more.

Security Consulting

If you aren’t sure what kind of protection you need, our consultants have the knowledge and experience to assess your location’s unique vulnerabilities. They’ll work with you and your team to formulate a security solution tailored to your particular needs.

Best-in-Class Technology

The Dunbar Technology Suite eliminates the paperwork involved in managing security personnel and gives you the tools to manage your officers remotely in real time.


Time and attendance verification to guarantee that your officers arrive on time for every shift.


Dunbar security officers can instantly alert clients of any issues, activity, or incidents through mobile reporting.


Track where your officers are at all times during their patrol.

security guard services benefits

Protective Services benefits

Crime deterrence

For a lot of businesses, the mere presence of security personnel will keep criminals from approaching.


While any security may deter criminals, the wrong kind of security can hinder your operations and negatively reflect on your business. We understand the difference and train Dunbar guards to strike the right balance between strength, courtesy and efficiency.


We maintain the best Protective Services in the industry by using only the top-of-the-line equipment and technology, conducting extensive pre-employment screening, and requiring on-going training for every officer.


Our extensive training programs and daily communications with both our employees and customers mean stable, reliable service, day-in, day-out.


Decades of experience means we know what works and how to execute. At Dunbar, every employee is responsible and accountable for maintaining the highest standards of appearance, protection, and professionalism for every customer.


Dunbar actively fosters and maintains long-term relationships with all our clients because we know that daily, pro-active collaboration improves our standards of service and your levels of satisfaction.

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