Protective Guard

Standing guard to protect
what matters to you.

Dunbar security personnel, whether armed or
unarmed, deliver quality and consistent
protection to commercial, industrial and
government organizations that is unmatched
in the industry.

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Unarmed Security Officers
Trained, licensed, and insured security personnel can guard access points, patrol client sites, act as office concierges and more.

Armed Security Officers
Our officers, many of whom have military or law enforcement roots, are licensed and expertly trained in armed protection to provide maximum asset protection.

Off-Duty Police Officers
Active-duty law enforcement officers present the highest level of private security available.

Prisoner Transport Services
Fully licensed, insured and trained in risk management to provide expert, safe and secure prisoner transport services for federal, state and local government organizations.

Mobile Vehicle Patrols
Specialized and trained officers, distinctly marked vehicles and GPS tracking capabilities provide the ultimate in show-of-force security presence.

Security Consulting
Our consultants are ready to work with your team to tailor a security solution to fit your specific needs.


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FFL – 8-52-005-019L-12692 – Expiration 11/01/2022

DE – 09-146-B – Expiration 01/31/2021

DE – 08-229 – Expiration 03/30/2020

MD – 106-5328 – Expiration 07/31/2022

MD – 107-2144 – Expiration 07/31/2022

MD – 093103, 301-1440 – Expiration 06/30/2020

VA DCJS – 11-1772 – Expiration 05/31/2020

VA DCJS – 1-1257 – Expiration 10/31/2021

DC – SAB72 – Expiration 10/31/2021

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