March 26, 2020

Steps and Precautions for a Safer iOT

With the rise of smart buildings and commonly used devices such as camera systems, wireless alarm systems, and wired security tools, many businesses and company buildings are growing more dependent on high-tech safety features. While convenience fuels the motivation for a more technologically advanced workplace, it also adds potential risks. Any device that uses network connectivity also uses iOT to connect and exchange information.

While iOT doesn’t require human to human or human to computer contact, there are ways for individuals to get a hold of personal information and data if people fail to be proactive with their security and protection. Think back to the Target hacker attack in 2013.

Not only was the store’s private information compromised, but customers’ credit card information was obtained too, and this occurred because a heating and air conditioning company linked into Target’s network in order to run diagnostics, leaving an entry door open for a hacker.

How can companies protect themselves and their employees in this ever-evolving technology era?

It’s simple…find a trustworthy, well-informed company to make the right decisions when it comes to personal information.

Change your passwords

These days, so many devices come with a basic password that is used to connect to a home, business, or commercial network. The best thing to do is to change that provided password as soon as the device is connected. Often times, people keep the original login information, resulting in easier access into the iOT.

Take advantage of security resources and tools

Basic passwords are easy to crack. There are many great password generation tools that businesses can use to create unique login information. Using special characters such as punctuation marks, symbols, and numbers with alternating capital and lowercase lettering makes a password stronger and much harder to guess.

Always have a back-up plan

Currently, everything seems to be moving to cloud based application, making it much easier for someone to infiltrate your information. A security company should always make sure everything is encrypted and protected and have back-up systems if anything should ever go awry.

Run initial diagnostics tests

When installing security products, Dunbar makes it a priority to run initial tests to tell if the network is trustworthy so the devices and their data will be safe. Dunbar understands the potential risks that come with using these devices, which is why they incorporate emergency back-up systems into their business model.

From a business standpoint, it is important to work with a security company that understands possible threats, plans for them, and educates your business on the best protocols and practices. As the most trusted name in security, Dunbar is here to put their clients’ minds at ease.

The Dunbar team works with businesses to provide resources, recommendations, and information on how to protect themselves, their company, and their devices. Because Dunbar communicates directly with IT companies in order to work within their network, they know firsthand the importance of high-quality security.

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