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EZChange is available alongside our Armored services to further improve your cash management operations. EZChange services deliver the change you need directly to your door, eliminating reconciliations as well as the labor costs and risks associated with frequent trips to the bank.

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How it Works

  • 01 Change Order: Place the order online or by phone.
  • 02 Delivery: Your change order arrives at your business on the next service day.
  • 03 Payment: You pay for the change order with an even exchange of funds - cash for cash, directly at the register.
  • 04 Reporting: Itemized EZChange order activity, tracked by location, is available on the Dunbar web portal.
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EZChange benefits

Reduced Banking Fees

Eliminate change order activity, as well as the need for reconciliation, on bank statements.

Comprehensive Reporting

Itemized EZChange order activity is available, sorted by location, on Dunbar’s secure web portal.

Employee Safety

Remove employees' risk by eliminating their need to transport money to and from the bank.

Time Savings

Fewer trips to the bank means hours of labor freed-up, so your employees can focus on your business.

Easy Ordering

Order online or by phone to place new orders a day ahead or up to one week in advance, or modify existing orders as needed.

Integration of Services

EZChange is integrated with our Armored and Cash Vault Services, giving you the conveniences and advantages of a single-source solution.

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