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Healthcare providers’ security needs far exceed those of typical organizations.

Dunbar has security solutions to meet any and all of these security challenges, from securing cash-intensive locations like gift shops and billing departments, to cyber protection of highly sensitive data like medical records and staff communications, to access control in locations where privacy, safety, and theft are an issue. We’ll work with you to integrate with existing systems and ensure your institution is protected from every angle.

Protective Services

The very presence of security personnel can prevent crime before it happens. No matter the size of your retail business, Dunbar's guards can cost-effectively help keep your environment safe and secure without hindering your operations or customer experience.

Security Systems

Protect your business from the inside out. Dunbar's electronic Security Systems can reduce insurance costs by keeping your employees and premises safe. They can also reduce shortfall by monitoring point-of-sale transactions, and help you address liability claims with visual evidence.

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