October 12, 2012

Dunbar to attend the AFP Annual Conference :: Dunbar Financial Services

Next week, from October 14-16, Dunbar representatives are scheduled to attend the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) Annual Conference in Miami, Florida. The conference is designed to provide financial professionals with world-class education covering challenges, best practices and relevant issues to help them work smarter and more efficiently. The AFP Annual Conference features over 250 companies showcasing innovative products and solutions to help financial professionals streamline operations and cut costs.

Guess what? Dunbar is one of those exhibiting companies! So if you are planning to attend the AFP Annual Conference, please visit Dunbar’s booth, #532!

Dunbar’s Financial Solutions & Cash Logistics Services

Cash logistics activities are an expensive, noncore functionality of your financial institution’s day-to-day operations.  That is why many institutions are outsourcing these services to Dunbar.

We deliver the best in cash logistics services because we listen to your needs and design solutions that fit those needs. Dunbar will provide you with the services and technologies that enable you to lower operating costs, attract new customers, and increase profitability. These services include:

  • Dunbar Valu-Trak®: This is Dunbar’s comprehensive online system designed for the monitoring of cash and valuables logistics.
  • Armored Transportation: Cash is still king. So it is important to protect that cash during transit. The best way to do this is by using Dunbar armored transportation, tracked on our Dunbar D-Trak® system.
  • Cash Vault Services: This is Dunbar’s comprehensive outsourcing service for branch and commercial processing, Federal Reserve shipping, currency inventory and management, coin processing, order preparation, check imaging and more.
  • Dunbar Virtual Banking®: “Virtual Vault” solutions customized to serve your cash logistics needs. Expand your reach without the brick and mortar investment to grow your commercial customer deposit base.
  • ATM Services: Dunbar offers comprehensive ATM logistics solutions for complete outsourcing and management of your ATM network cash management.

Dunbar: “Securely Managing Your Cash and Valuables”

If you would like to learn more about Dunbar’s Financial Solutions & Cash Logistics, contact Dunbar by calling 1.800.888.2129 or visit our website today!

Dunbar’s comprehensive cash control solutions drive efficiencies and savings that generate a positive impact on your bottom line. We deliver the best in cash management solutions by listening to your needs and designing a solution that fits.

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