February 6, 2017

Choosing the Right Access Control System for Your Business

Just five years ago, many organizations made security-related decisions based on existing relationships and the comfort those relationships provided. Physical security solutions implemented were typically low-maintenance, solved a single security issue and required little, if any, ongoing support. While this mindset may have been acceptable for a time, businesses wishing to protect their assets can no longer rely on a minimalist approach and expect to adequately secure their premises.

Modern physical security requires a more expansive approach. Businesses wishing to best protect their intellectual property and their employees should implement access control across their organizations. Reliable security providers can easily integrate and provide support for CCTV, alarm, turnstile, intercom and “people tracking” systems. Companies seeking the best protection can also implement active directory and log management systems for a full view of their operations. Further, businesses can use the abilities of cyber monitoring professionals to create predictive behavior data to proactively circumvent potential security threats.

Important elements to consider when building a security solution and choosing a provider:


  • What is the size of my business now and where will it be in five, 10 or more years?
  • If we start small can we grow and adapt as our needs shift?
  • What will be required to be protected as regulations change (e.g., IT, HR or tax records)?


  • What are my server, workstation, and network requirements?
  • What are the recommended software upgrades and how frequently should they be updated?
  • How do server upgrades affect my system (e.g., Windows)?
  • Will I need any supporting software (e.g., Sequel)?
  • How many hours are typically spent managing the system, including IT server requirements?
  • How vulnerable is my business to outside threats that can create security breaches?


  • What is the best platform for systems that may be integrated with my access control?
  • Do I require offsite management?
  • Will the company assist in network security?
  • What the company’s typical response to service requests?
  • What are the latest developments and how is the solution slated to evolve in the future?

These questions provide a great starting point for evaluating an organization’s security needs. Businesses should tailor them as appropriate for their specific size and industry and ask additional questions as necessary. In addition, it is advisable that organizations conduct a cost-benefit analysis to help determine whether certain solutions or providers are even worth fully considering. After conducting this thorough evaluation of options, businesses will be able to choose the security systems and provider(s) that are the best fit and prepare each business for success.

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