April 17, 2014

Choose Access Control That Can Grow With You

Keeping your employees, customers and property safe from damage, theft and other kinds of harm is a priority, but it’s not something you want to dwell upon day after day. You want to focus on your business, with the peace of mind of knowing it’s safe and secure.

To that end, when selecting a security services company, choose one that takes time to understand your specific needs today, and your projected needs tomorrow. Whether your business is large or small, the company should be able to customize an integrated or network-integrated solution to safeguard all facets of your firm.

The gist: Your security solution should be able to grow with you.

This is an important concept when it comes to managed access control. You need to provide access control within your organization, yet not have that system impede your business operations. Access control systems should help you stay secure yet inviting.

With Access Control from Dunbar, you can provide building and door-entry access to the right people, when and where they need it, while still protecting your premises. We can help you provide a safer work environment for your employees, yet not “go overboard” with a total lock-down system.

As you compare managed access control systems, here are good questions to ask:

  • Will the system be easy to install, set up and use?
  • Will the system empower you to respond immediately to an emergency?
  • Will you be able to make a change to employee access on the fly via the internet?
  • Will the system arm you with information at your fingertips about usage and other data, like who enters and exits your business at all times of the day?
  • Will you have a fully integrated card holder database so you know more about access door entry patterns and employee movement in your facility?
  • Will you be able to choose to have different levels of security at different entry points, based on your needs?
  • Will you be able to eliminate dedicated computers, software and people to manage the system?
  • Will upgrades be handled automatically?

Deciding on the right security level for your business is important. We can simplify the process and make sure you have an access-control solution that fits your needs. Call us today at 800-222-3126.


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