Cash Management

Cash Vault

Our nationwide network of branches and secure cash vaults are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, automated cash handling equipment, and expertly-trained personnel to facilitate all your processing requirements.

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Deposit processing and verification

Currency inventory management

ATM cash replenishment preparation and processing

Vault imaging service for checks and other deposit-related items

Branch order preparation and fulfillment

Coin verification and wrapping

Commercial order preparation and deposit processing

Detailed reporting through Dunbar’s secure Valu-Trak web platform

Servicing and balancing of a wide array of cash accepting/dispensing devices

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Cash Vault

Reduced operating costs

Tellers don’t have to count and verify currency manually, which brings down labor costs. Additionally, deposits are bundled together before being transferred to the bank, reducing the number of bank transactions and their associated fees.

Efficient cash services

Direct savings by enhancing the efficiencies of your Federal Reserve ordering and depositing operations.

Increased employee productivity

Your employees are free to focus on customer relationships instead of money room services.

Improved loss prevention

Our insurance covers every deposit, and with Dunbar's Armored and Cash Vault Services, you and your employees are no longer at risk of theft while depositing to the bank.

Advanced technology

Access to modern technology and equipment without the capital expense.

Nationwide network

We’ll help your business grow through our nationwide cash vault facilities.

Easier accounting and reconciliation

Orders are issued and balanced automatically against your financial institution’s vault inventory, and all checks are imaged and electronically processed.

Dunbar's Full Range of Cash Management Services

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