Cash Manager Smart Safes

Enhance the Cash
Handling Process

Improve Your Bottom Line.

Cash Manager Smart Safes provide your business with a comprehensive cash management solution, streamlining operations and reducing overall costs.

automated cash deposit

Automated Deposit Preparation

The smart safe prepares your deposits bill-by-bill, transaction-by-transaction, with each note authenticated and automatically reconciled within the safe.

smart safe reporting

Real-Time Visibility and Dashboards

Reports are generated wirelessly by the safe, providing you with 24/7 data monitoring and accounting tools.

customer service

Customer Support and Warranty

Industry-leading maintenance and service warranties are valid for the entire length of the contract, with dedicated, service specialists available for 24/7 support.

smart safe keypad

Consultative Setup

Experienced cash management professionals provide a one-on-one consultation to assist with selecting the equipment and services to meet your business’ needs and budget.

More than a Safe, an All-Inclusive Solution.

Cash Manager Smart Safes provide your organization with value beyond the hardware. Our smart safes help increase productivity, strengthen loss prevention and integrate with cash-in-transit systems including Armored Services, Cash Vault Services and EZChange.

smart safe benefits

  • 01 Automated Cash Operations: Provide a secure location at the point of sale for employees, eliminate deposit errors and minimize loss due to internal theft.
  • 02 Improved Time Management: Reallocate time spent on manual tasks such as preparing deposits and shift checkouts to increase productivity and better service your customers.
  • 03 Increased Visibility: Generate itemized reports remotely by employee, shift or transaction type, allowing you to monitor your cash logistics in real-time.
  • 04 Armored Transportation: Utilize cash-in-transit services to keep your employees in the store, reduce cash exposure and mitigate risks during transportation to the bank.
  • 05 Enhanced Change Ordering: Place change orders online or by phone, eliminating frequent trips to the bank and the need for bank statement reconciliations.

Cash Manager Smart Safes Product Line

Cash Manager Smart Safes are versatile, single-source solutions for efficiently managing the cash flow of your business. Each space-saving design allows for optimal placement and operates on a cellular communication system with plug-and-play functionality. Simply plug it in, power it up, and your cash management system is ready to go.

  • smart safe 1200

    CM 1200 Specs

    • 7" W
    • 16" D
    • 31" H (with 10" base)
    • Approximately 100 lbs
    • Single bill reader and cassette
    • 1,200 deposit note capacity
  • smart safe

    CM 2400 Specs

    • 13" W
    • 16" D
    • 31" H (with locking base)
    • Approximately 300 lbs
    • Dual bill readers and cassettes
    • 2,400 deposit note capacity
  • smart safe 2400sc

    CM 2400SC Specs

    • 20.25" W
    • 16" D
    • 28" H (with 2 electronically controlled storage compartments)
    • Approximately 400 lbs
    • Dual bill readers and cassettes
    • 2,400 deposit note capacity
  • smart safe

    CM 4400 Specs

    • 13" W
    • 24" D
    • 31" H
    • Approximately 350 lbs
    • Dual bill readers and cassettes
    • 4,400 deposit note capacity
  • smart safe 2900

    CM Recycler 2900 Specs

    • 26.5" W
    • 24.25" D
    • 32" H
    • Approximately 600 lbs
    • 900 note recycling (3 denominations)
    • 2,000 deposit note capacity
smart safe 2400 icon

Cash Manager Smart Safe Solutions

Accept, validate and store notes per the alloted capacity

Accelerate end of shift closeouts for cashiers

Automate deposit preparation for armored service pickups

Provide real-time reports and daily credit capabilities with participating financial institutions

smart safe 2900 icon

Cash Manager Recycling Solutions

Automate cash and coin recycling to eliminate end-of-day manual cash counting

Maximize cashier efficiencies with customizable, self-serve till dispensing

Enable on-demand cash exchanges for mid-shift cash needs

Provide efficient footprint and size for optimal store placement

Consultative and Live Demonstrations.

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