May 2, 2012

Business Safety Tips from the Security Experts at Dunbar

Aside from turning a profit, when it comes to running your business, nothing is quite as important as security. Having good security practices in place can save you time, money, and headaches down the road.

Business Safety Tips

  1. Lighting: Dark entrances, like doors, windows, and alleys, are the perfect targets for potential burglars. Keep the exterior of your building brightly lit and check bulbs often.
  2. Doors and Locks: Heavy, solid doors and commercial grade security locks are your first line of defense against a break-in.
  3. Keep it Locked Up: A burglar will try any means to get into your building. So be sure to lock all skylights, vents, loading docks and other openings to your business.
  4. Be Smart: Do not keep large amounts of cash on the premises. If a burglary does happen, they leave with little.
  5. Secure Your Cash Immediately: Securing cash at the point-of-sale with Dunbar Cash Manager Safes can prevent internal and external shrink.
  6. Security Systems and Surveillance: A Dunbar security system serves as a deterrent and can help to apprehend burglars; access control and remote monitoring is also available.

You can trust Dunbar and our many Alternative Security Services and Products to keep your business safe!

Family-owned since 1923, Dunbar is the largest independent armored car company in the nation dedicated to safeguarding your valuables. Founded on our core line of business – armored transportation services – and well known for our signature red and black armored trucks, we have evolved to become the nation’s premiere full-service, wholly integrated security and cash management solutions provider.

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“Securely Managing Your Cash and Valuables”

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Safety Tips for Businesses


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