Dunbar Cybersecurity Introduces Cyphon: our open-source incident management and response platform

The recent WannaCry ransomware attack was a great reminder: cyber-attacks can happen at any moment. Attacks like WannaCry rightfully send business’s IT teams into overdrive. Sending them into hours of incident investigation and response. This process includes diving into emails, social media, website traffic among other online activity. At the same time, analysts are communicating any discovered incidents and progress performed on them to the team. These necessary actions are resource constricting, time consuming and overall burdensome to businesses and IT personnel. Fortunately, they no longer have to be.

Eliminate the headaches of incident management

Dunbar Security Solutions is proud to announce the launch of Cyphon, our open-source active response platform and solution to the many problems that accompany incident management and reporting. The first open-source platform of its kind in the industry, Cyphon gives cyber analysts a single avenue through which they can collect data, identify cyber-attacks and track all work performed on each issue. Additionally, analysts can create custom alerts, escalate and share issues with other team members. That means an end to relying on back and forth email communication and instead the beginning to a simple and streamlined workflow that’s easy to follow and update.

All of Cyphon’s capabilities work in unison to streamline the incident management process, keeping businesses of all sizes safe while saving them both time and money.


Cyphon can be downloaded for free and managed by internal enterprise security teams or licensed with the support of Dunbar analysts and its 24/7 Security Operations Center. Visit our website to learn how our custom and flexible Managed Security Services can protect your digital assets.