Partnering with a Managed Security Service Provider

If you’ve discussed IT security with your customers, chances are they have raised concerns over the logistics of implementing your organization’s recommendations. Concerns often revolve around customers having limited resources through which to manage, maintain, and monitor appropriate IT security efforts. Fortunately, more and more businesses are partnering with managed security service providers (MSSP) to ensure their customers can solve all of these challenges by working directly with a single, trustworthy source.

MSSPs are able to fulfill a company’s customers’ security needs at a fraction of what it would cost those customers to do themselves. As a company partner, MSSPs develop and implement cohesive security strategies for each of the organization’s customers to provide the tailored security they need. Customers receive efficient and effective service while unburdening their IT teams from performing assessments, evaluations, and maintenance necessary to keep their networks secure.

Dunbar Cybersecurity offers a channel partner program focused on helping our partners solve their customers’ security gaps, resource difficulties, and compliance issues. Our security experts and around-the-clock support provide our clients with the best in cybersecurity protection without our partners’ capital expenditure. Armed with nearly a hundred years of experience in the security industry, Dunbar offers an extensive range of cybersecurity services including log management, intrusion detection, firewall management, and vulnerability scanning.

As much as partners’ customers benefit from our services, Dunbar’s partners benefit even more. Having a partnership with Dunbar allows our partners to quickly provide the name of a business they can trust every time to ensure their customers receive efficient, comprehensive enterprise security. Further, partnering with an MSSP allows partners to save valuable resources and increase their monthly recurring revenue while strengthening important customer relationships. Instead of your customers having to worry about managing IT security solutions like time- and budget-consuming compliance mandates or having to hire expert IT security professionals to work in-house, they will have an MSSP ready to meet those challenges. Dunbar partners also benefit from additional support in the way of marketing, sales engineering, and technical assistance.

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