What to Look for in a Security Provider

“Quality matters!” Just ask any successful risk management professional in charge of contracting with security providers. Or better still – ask a risk management professional who took a chance on a low cost service provider of dubious quality who regrettably discovered that “You really do get what you pay for” – and that, “the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

Whether you are contracting for armored transport and cash vault services, on-site premise

security – such as protective guard services, alarm / monitoring / access systems – or cyber
, your organization quite simply has too much at risk in terms of security, safety, operational efficiency and reputation to make a mistake. So it’s well worth your effort to identify a qualified, security provider ready and willing to work in partnership with you to provide the services you need and the responsive customer service you deserve.

With rapidly evolving digital technologies and increasingly sophisticated thefts and robberies, financial institutions, retailers and other commercial businesses across America are beginning to take a more holistic and coordinated view of their corporate security and cash management service needs. To do so, they are turning to security solutions providers equipped with the latest technologies available that can integrate both physical and digital security to effectively guard against the full range of security threats.

Secure Armored Transport and Cash Vault Services

To guard against theft and robbery of bank deposits and valuables in-transit, many financial institutions, businesses and government agencies rely on the services of an armored car services or “Cash-In Transit” (CIT) provider. However, to take full advantage of the opportunities available to increase security, operational efficiency and profitability in utilizing CIT services requires a relationship with a CIT service provider that has fully integrated data collection and management systems already in place.

Along with providing secure, reliable pickup and delivery services – including “All-Risk” insurance to protect against cargo losses – a high quality, financially stable CIT provider should also possess some other attributes which are key to mitigating risk, providing tight control and efficient operations, including:

  • Experienced and trained management – seasoned experts who take the initiative to understand your unique business needs and expectations. Service partners who participate in Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to measure their performance, confront data results and remain flexible to make operational changes as needed. People who communicate with you as necessary and remain accessible. 
  • Reliable, stable and responsive service staff members – experienced and trained to service your unique requirements correctly – and most importantly, available when needed to handle customer service issues.
  • Online dashboard reporting with real-time data from uniform operating systems – that enable your management to efficiently and effectively navigate their day-to day responsibilities, view internal metrics and manage service levels to meet customer requirements.
  • The latest technology and equipment – operating in well-maintained facilities with the resources to continue to invest in their client operations.
  • A proven track record – of meeting deadlines and reporting requirements, timely deposit processing, “in-store” safes with reliable uptime and a history of responsive customer service.
  • Formalized service procedures – a quality management system with the ability to track and evaluate performance against SLAs with documented procedures in place for handling service issues.
  • A commitment to maintaining technological proficiency – to ensure that the services you receive in the future will continue to enhance your operational efficiency, productivity, security and safety.

Premise Security

Your protective services provider should proactively analyze your premise security requirements, review your environment, anticipate problems before they occur and develop a plan to provide you with the best security measures for your organization. Balancing the need for on-site guards, alarm, monitoring and access systems, your provider should be able to deliver the customized protection you need with carefully selected, supervised, expertly-trained, responsible security personnel and technologically-advanced security systems. From armed and unarmed security officers to mobile vehicle patrols, security consulting and investigations, you should be receiving specifically-tailored comprehensive premise security solutions that deliver safety, security, and peace-of-mind.

Cyber Security
Your cyber security provider should be ready to serve as an extension of your IT Team – delivering the specialized skill sets and manpower to meet your security needs and meet your compliance requirements. So, their knowledge of your organization’s security needs is a big plus to consider when hiring a cyber security provider. With a more comprehensive understanding of your overall security needs, an integrated security solutions provider can provide your organization with a tremendous advantage in identifying potential threats and fully protecting your organization.

Your security provider is a key partner in helping you to safely and securely manage and grow your business, expand your relationships with your customers and increase your value to the marketplace.

Be sure to exercise due diligence in making your selection of a security provider by focusing on each candidate’s record of achievement, checking their references and thoroughly exploring the specific “value-added” attributes claimed. Today, as the worlds of physical and digital security converge, it is to your advantage to consider utilizing the services of a security provider that can provide integrated security solutions that comprehensively meet the security needs of your organization.