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“World leaders focus on cybersecurity, but survey shows 86% see a global skills shortage,” reads the title of a blog published last month by Matt Loeb, Chief Executive Office of ISACA. Loeb heads an industry association that helps more than 115,000 business and IT leaders in 180 countries maximize value and manage risk related to information and technology. Loeb shared highlights of ISACA’s 2015 Global Cybersecurity Status Report. From January 13 – 15, 2015, ISACA polled more than 3,400 members in 129 countries about many aspects of cybersecurity. The findings depict an overabundance of threats and too few resources to mitigate or prevent them.

ISACA found that 86 percent of respondents believe there is a shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals. Ninety-two percent of those whose organizations plan to hire cybersecurity professionals in 2015 say it will be difficult to find skilled candidates. These findings are consistent with those discussed at conferences and in boardrooms, reported in newspapers and trade publications, and covered on evening news broadcasts across the country. ISACA also found that close to half (46 percent) expect their organization to face a cyberattack in 2015, and 83 percent believe cyberattacks are one of the top three threats facing organizations today.

Incentives are clear and compelling. Business and government increasingly depend on that provide efficiencies technologies – such as cloud and mobile – but also increase exposure to data theft, state-sponsored and industrial espionage, and related cyber threats. In other words, people with the right training and skills can build a future-proof career. Even better for those with the right education, cybersecurity salaries are soaring across the globe.

Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and many other states see cybersecurity as an opportunity to create jobs, attract employers, and strengthen their tax base, all while protecting public and private sector information systems. This is true in Dunbar Cybersecurity’s home state of Maryland.

Connecting cybersecurity opportunities with people, however, is not always a direct line. Experience based education is critical to developing a workforce that has the requisite skills to fill cybersecurity positions.

Dunbar is proud to be involved in several public/private partnerships formed to address the shortage of information technology professionals with the skills required to defend against a seemingly endless torrent of cyberattacks.

Chris Ensey, Chief Operating Officer of Dunbar Cybersecurity, is the steering committee chair for CyberWorks, an industry-led, workforce development program administered by the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.  “CyberWorks vision is to help businesses groom qualified cybersecurity and IT professionals, while helping candidates to gain the hands-on experience and knowledge they need to be successful in cybersecurity careers,” said Ensey.

The Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) Institute for Cyber Security is a specialized program contained within the CCBC School of Applied and Information Technology.  The Institute addresses the national cybersecurity workforce shortage problem by helping shape standardized cyber security curriculum; through cyber exercises, like the Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (MA CCDC); and through partnerships with public and private sector organizations seeking to hire CCBC graduates.  The CCBC Institute for Cyber Security program is a feeder program for Dunbar Cybersecurity.  Alumni who have joined the Dunbar Cybersecurity team include Jason Miller, director of Product Management, and Elliot Pfarr, IT System analyst.

We are also involved with the Anne Arundel Workforce Development Corporation’s efforts to match long-term unemployed workers. Our partnership was recognized in a White House communique.

If you are interested cybersecurity, we encourage you to visit CyberworksMD.org. If you have recently completed cybersecurity or information technology training or are an experienced professional looking for a new opportunity with an emerging leader in the cybersecurity industry, please contact careers@dunbarcyber.com or visit www.dunbarcyber.com/contact-us.

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