Facebook Takes Listening To Their Customers Way Too Seriously

Joining the ranks of Google Now, Facebook is rolling out new features designed to “enhance” shared content by capturing surrounding audio during every status update. Watching a movie? Facebook knows… and will add a link to the trailer to your status. Taking a selfie at the mall? Your friends can feel like they are right next to you while enjoying the same track that is playing in the background. Creepy, right?

The privacy advocate in me isn’t thrilled, nor is the security practitioner. Facebook states that the feature is opt-in and will not retain any of the audio. However, I am concerned about where we are heading. Controlling private sensitive personal and corporate data is becoming increasingly complex. Are you prepared to micromanage eavesdropping apps? Can IT departments effectively enforce policies through mobile device managementto turn off the microphone while in the office?

The below video demonstrates the new features in action.