Is Dropbox Exposing Your Data?

The cloud storage giant released an alert this week informing users that a web vulnerability was impacting shared links. Dropbox provides some detail on the issue on their blog. If you have any publicly shared links online today, you will need to recreate them.

Whether internal employees or road warriors, over 500 million people are using public cloud storage services such as Dropbox to share and exchange files. They are convenient and easy to use, but their openness can undermine existing IT policies when sharing confidential data.

If you or any of your employees are using Dropbox (or any other cloud storage service) to collaborate, you are putting your corporate data out in the open. These are fantastic services, but using them comes with some greater potential for allowing uncontrolled access to sensitive information.

There are several steps you can take to allow use of these services but control the risk:

  1. Get used to Dropbox being a part of your workflow. Demand for these services will not just “go away.” With the right mix of controls and policies, your users can leverage these tools for productivity without putting the business at risk.
  2. Own control of your data in any environment. This means applying encryption everywhere. Persistent encryption means protecting data while at rest, in transit, in the cloud, or moving around the network—and it is the best way to protect against a data breach.
  3. Enable BYOD on your terms. Enable access to these services through secure channels that enforce security policies, ensure strong authentication, and consisently persist data protection. Implement simple to use solutions that control data, while embracing mobile access and collaboration.

Dunbar Digital Armor provides a comprehensive platform to address these issues and more. If your organization is concerned with cloud storage services exposing corporate data, contact us for support.

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