Dunbar Presenting At The 38th Annual IPMI Conference

The International Precious Metals Institute’s (IPMI) annual conference is taking place June 7 – 10 in Orlando at the JW Marriott Grande Lakes Resort. At Dunbar Global Logistics‘ invitation, Dunbar Digital Armor will be attending, sharing a booth with DGL.

In addition to the booth, we’ll have a Dunbar Armored truck on site, and I will be presenting in Session J, on Tuesday the 10th. My topic will be “Social Media: Informing OpSec and Investigations.” The session will include real-world examples of how freely available social media intelligence can be used to better secure your physical and digital environments. Examples will include:

  • Secure, discreet operations centers publicized on Foursquare
  • The proliferation of recruitment for money laundering operations through social
  • The trend of witnesses picking up their phones to take pictures or record videos, rather than to call 911
  • Targeting of key personnel through sites such as LinkedIn to socially engineer them into clicking links to malware, or disclosing sensitive information
  • Fraudulent social media profiles claiming to be those of high-ranking or key personnel, used to discredit or disrupt the organization

Our booth will be manned by expert representatives of Dunbar Digital Armor, Dunbar Armored, and Dunbar Global Logistics, our international armed transport division.

If you’ll be attending, please stop by our booth, or click the link below to schedule some time to sit down and talk.