It Takes ‘Digital Armor’ to Combat Cyber Crime

To many people, the Feb. 18 news came as a shock: Hackers compromised the University of Maryland’s personnel information database, which included more than 309,000 records of faculty, staff, students and affiliated personnel who have been issued a university ID since 1998. Those records listed social security numbers and dates of birth.

But to security experts like Dunbar, the distressing news was unfortunately familiar — no organization is immune to a digital security breach, and the costs incurred as a result of cyber crime is rising.

Cyber attacks are a serious threat for educational organizations, as well as firms in other industries such as financial services, commercial/retail and healthcare. Even sensible preparation — the University of Maryland had recently doubled its number of IT security engineers and analysts — isn’t always enough to combat today’s cyber crime. As technology gets more sophisticated, so do criminals and their methods.

That’s why now, more than ever, organizations need products and processes to keep their data and assets as secure as possible.

As Chris Ensey, chief operating officer of Dunbar Digital Armor, comments in this news video about the incident, criminals can cause damage using the kind of data acquired from the university’s records. “You have a very limited credit history for students. They haven’t established a credit history, so when you go after a target like that and you have thousands if not hundreds of thousands of social security numbers, you can do a lot with that,” he says. “There isn’t good data to trigger the fraud systems so that’s incredibly valuable.”

With our Dunbar Digital Armor unit, we have aligned our business to address the growing cyber security problem with intelligence and force. For nearly a century, customers have relied on Dunbar as a trusted advisor in safeguarding their valuables. As those valuables have done digital, so have we. Our presence and knowledge in the physical security arena remains renowned, and now we also help organizations with their digital security needs.

Dunbar Digital Armor has enabled our customers to outsource their cyber security risks, so they can focus on their businesses with peace of mind.

We’re eager to collaborate with you and discuss how we can manage your risk while safeguarding your information, brand, reputation, and revenue. Call Dunbar Digital Armor at 855-312-7618.