Sochi Olympics: Hacking For Gold

Imagine, you are an up and coming athlete going for gold at the 2014 Sochi games.  Corporate sponsors are eyeing your performance. Media and endorsement deals have been drafted. You have attorneys, managers, financial sponsors all exchanging legal documents and contracts.  Suddenly, you log onto the hotel wifi and it is all being proxied into the hands of the Russian Business Network, independent hackers, and the government.

This is legal, endorsed, and funded spying.  This next few weeks of competition will be under a watchful eye.  Any communications in or out of the region will be tracked and collected.

Corporations that are doing business during the games or communicating with teams on the ground are planning on leaving any technology behind.  Destroyed and wiped clean of any private data.  Brian Williams comments on the immediate hacking of mobile devices of many arriving in Sochi this week.

The report on NBC Nightly News is linked below.