NRF Big Show: Sneak-Peek Q+A

The NRF Big Show, the retail industry’s flagship annual event, kicks off next week at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City. One major benefit of the four-day event (Jan. 12-15) is the variety of education attendees receive — they walk away each year with tips to grow and protect their businesses. Last year, the show drew 27,600 people.

This year, the NRF Big Show’s sessions are organized into content tracks, and Dunbar is excited to be part of the Exhibitor BIG !DEAS series.

Christopher Ensey, Dunbar’s COO, and Ed Walsh, the company’s senior vice president of national accounts, will lead a two-part educational session on Monday, Jan. 13 from 11-11:45 a.m. in the BIG Ideas Room 2 on Level 1 of the expo hall. The session is open to all attendees.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes peek at what Christopher and Ed will discuss, and how Dunbar is positioned to help retailers achieve their security goals:

What are you looking forward to most about the NRF Big Show?

Walsh: Dunbar’s ability to interact with our customers and prospects and share with them the investments we have made in technology, and being a world-class service provider for the retail marketplace.

What security challenges are retailers talking about these days? What issues do they face?

Ensey: Everything in security moves at a blistering pace. Technology is disruptive in both good ways and bad. Looking at the future of payments and commerce, you find customer interaction gravitating towards social media and mobile platforms. These new delivery and sales channels are fantastic ways to accelerate growth while providing a much richer level of customer engagement; however, they open the door to new types of fraud. Dunbar Digital Armor helps our clients protect their customers and fastest-growing revenue streams from online fraud and cyber-attacks.

Q: Christopher, Part I of the session is entitled “Greatest Cyber Threats to Retailers.” What’s the main message attendees will hear?

Ensey: They will learn real-world details about the latest in social media and mobile fraud management. Social networks and mobile platforms provide hackers an extremely powerful delivery vehicle for malware, customer account compromise and distribution of stolen credit card information. The adversary hasn’t moved away from traditional methods of compromising IT systems, but has added many new tactics leveraging networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others. We will discuss what you need to know as a retailer, how you can enable your customers to protect themselves and what you can do to protect your business.

Q: What are some ways Dunbar can help this audience manage risk and regain control?

Ensey: There are thousands of security products and services out there. The process of vendor management alone has become a risk management nightmare for many organizations. Dunbar is the only company that has brought the full spectrum of security services that retailers demand under one roof.  Dunbar is a recognized leader in cash management, supply chain logistics and technology. With the addition of services like Dunbar Digital Armor, retailers have a partner that they can trust to manage their risk from physical to digital and back again.

Q: Ed, Part II of the session is called “The Hidden Value of Armored Car Service.” What concepts or ideas might attendees take away from your message?

Walsh: Cash is not going away, as 29.5 billion notes are in in circulation. That’s up more than 30% in the last 10 years. The armored car industry transports $1.3 trillion in cash, making 41 million retail pickups annually and doing the average pickup in less than six minutes at a customer’s location. By adopting deposit tracking via the web, Dunbar customers can track their deposits from the store to the bank.

Q: What role do validating safes play in the safety and security of employees, customers and facilities?

Walsh: They increases managers’ productivity, improve loss prevention and store security, enable reports in real time, provide insight about store and safe activity, and provide information to create Advanced Bank Credit for money sitting in the safe.


Thank you, Christopher and Ed!

If you’re going to the NRF Big Show in New York City, check out their session on Monday, Jan. 13 from 11-11:45 a.m. in the BIG Ideas Room 2 on Level 1 of the expo hall.

If you won’t be there, here’s a cool video from NRF that depicts the show well, in case you can make it next year: