‘Tis the Season for Reliable Security Products

As retailers increase their holiday promotions, deals and store hours during the holidays, they can expect to have more cash in drawers, safes and bank deposit bags. That’s a welcome reality, but it should also register an important alert about the heightened need for security and safety.

No two businesses are alike, so your security provider should first learn about the needs of your operation, and then provide cash management and security products that meet those needs.

Over the holidays, the right security mix for loss prevention, theft deterrence, reduced shortage and improved employee productivity probably isn’t 100% high-tech. It likely involves products that are tried-and-true, like a reliable, affordable currency counter that helps a store owner save time and effort or improved currency bags strong enough to hold 30 pounds of coin.

The need for any business to secure cash is always present, but never more than during the last five weeks of the yearly calendar. Cash is the target in almost every instance of theft — it holds no identity, can be used immediately, and is accepted unquestionably without a need to know where it came from.

It’s no wonder why businesses seek to protect their cash at its most vulnerable point — in transit. That’s why Dunbar’s armored transportation service is the core of our business. Red and black trucks can be a great complement to red and green holidays.

We look forward to helping all our customers protect their green this holiday season. We’ve made a list (and checked it twice) of security products you might need — please ask us about any of them:

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