2013 Is Turning Into A Record Year For Data Breaches

If you are becoming accustomed to hearing about cyber threats and data breaches in the news, then it’s most likely because 2013 is turning into a record year (no pun intended).  This interactive graphic illustrates the depth of breaches of over 30,000 records since 2004, with an almost Cambrian explosion developing in 2013.

The filters for both industry verticals and method of leak demonstrate that the threats on the inside are as real as the threats on the outside. And whileinternal mistakes by employees accounted for a number of large data breaches, most organizations continue to simply be ‘hacked’.

If your organization is planning its 2014 company prioritization of initiatives and security is not an operational objective, then you should be asking yourself not if but when your organization will experience a data loss. While preparing your IT budget keep in mind that while the industry average is about 5 percent of total IT spending, it may be necessary to make adjustments or create initiatives depending on your industry or current risk posture. Defense spending accounted for 20 percent of total federal spending in 2012, and if the present climate is any indication of the current trend, then industry will have to make corrections.

Kudos to David McCandless and Tom Evans for illustrating the reality of a growing situation.