6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Transitioning to a New Security Provider

When you choose security services and technologies for your business, you’re choosing more than just products. You’re choosing a partner.

But what happens when your security firm seems less stable or reliable these days —  perhaps when its customer service level has dropped, or it begins to close locations, or you just feel like it’s time to research new options?

Maybe you’ve had a recent issue, so you have a specific need in mind — more efficient armored transportation, say, or improved security systems.

If you’re considering a change to a different security provider, you’re not alone. The following six questions can guide your decision-making:

1. Does the company find solutions for its customers, instead of customers for its stuff?

Your partner should strive to be different. It should work directly with you to address your unique needs and situation. No two organizations are the same.

2. Is the company’s customer service team accessible and knowledgeable?

Your partner should ensure consistent policy implementation, so reliable service occurs at every location — whether you need one service or 10. The company shouldn’t view you as a faceless, nondescript customer; it should know what your people like and loathe. It should listen.

3. Does the company have a long track record of performance and trust?

“New-fangled” can mean your security will be tangled. Choose a partner that combines innovative systems and technology with tried-and-true performance. Also, does the company have nearby locations?

4. Will the company help you improve productivity and profitability?

Secure transportation and cash management solutions should be designed to assist you in meeting your unique reporting requirements. Select a partner whose equipment and security systems include package tracking, information transmission and reporting, and cash processing. After all, you want to improve your productivity and profitability, as well as security.

5. Does the company exude professionalism at all levels?

Your partner should be committed to recruiting high-quality personnel who meet strict standards to ensure security and professionalism in service delivery. Does every member of the company’s team go through security training so they can serve you better?

6. Does the company understand cash-control requirements of businesses like yours?

Choose a partner that offers effective loss prevention controls and theft deterrence, “shortage” reduction and more efficient cash management. It should explain how its solutions have resulted in increased management time and improved employee productivity for companies in your industry. Your partner should be able to customize an integrated or network-integrated solution to safeguard your employees, customers and property.


Transitioning to a new security partner isn’t necessarily fun, but sometimes… it’s just necessary. Call Dunbar today at 1.800.504.2127.