Not To Toot Our Own Horn, But…

Well, yes, actually. This is EXACTLY to toot our own horn.

Last week was an exciting one here at Dunbar Digital Armor. Not only did we officially open our new offices in the Dunbar Technology Center, but we announced our partnership with NASDAQ OMX, in delivering their FinQloud solution for secure storage of high frequency trading logs to their customers.
Both of these have led to some pretty nice press, and a couple of photo ops for the boss man. The online version of Security Management magazine (and hopefully the next print issue), as well as The Daily Record, were very supportive of Dunbar Armored’s efforts moving into the cybersecurity world.

We’ve recently added a page to the blog here, for Dunbar Digital Armor News & Press. In there, we’ll be linking to pieces about us, and those to which we contribute.