Real Data About Cloud Security

We hear a lot of worry about security in the cloud – concern about the risk of moving to the cloud is one of the top issues that slows down adoption of virtualized infrastructure. But it’s hard to find real data about cloud security risks.

That’s why a new report from our partner Alert Logic is so interesting. Alert Logic provides security services like intrusion detection, log management, vulnerability scanning, and web application firewalls in both on-premises enterprise data centers and cloud and hosted environments. They’ve taken that customer data and analyzed it to see what’s really different in cloud and hosted environments in a series of State of Cloud Security reports.

The new Spring 2013 report has just been released, and Alert Logic found what they have been seeing since launching the project: cloud and hosted environments don’t experience more security incidents than enterprise data centers.

The report breaks incidents down into categories such as web application attacks, malware, brute force, and more. There are some interesting differences in the attack profiles in different environments, and that’s good information to think about when planning a security program for any environments.
The infographic below summarizes the findings, and you can download the full report here.

Targeted Attacks and Opportunistic Hacks