Dunbar enters the Realm of Cybersecurity with Dunbar Digital Armor

“It’s [Dunbar Digital Armor]  a logical extension of our business to provide our customer with the same ironclad security that we have been delivering for nearly 90 years – and part of our long-term strategy to continue to meet the needs of our customers with new technologies,” said Kevin R. Dunbar.

Digital Armor, Dunbar’s Newest Division, receives some Press

Last week, Dunbar’s newest division, Dunbar Digital Armor, was featured in the Baltimore Sun. The article spotlights our new chief operating officer of the new digital company, Chris Ensey, and a little insight as to what exactly our new division will offer starting January 2013.

With the drastic spike in cyber threats, Dunbar Digital Armor aims to provide small and mid-size institutions with protection from cybercrime by acquiring top-of-the-line cyber security software products and combining them into a single, easy-to-use package for our customers.

1. The Banking Industry: Not only are banks facing an increase in fraud and theft, but they are also paying more each year to respond and repair these attacks. There is a growing need for smaller banking institutions to invest in cyber security as internet hackers are beginning to stray from the larger banks and target the smaller ones.

2. The Retail Industry: With more and more retailers doing business online, the need for increased cybersecurity is crucial for the protection of the customers’ vital purchasing account data.

3. Government: Government agencies, perhaps more than anyone else, need to protect their confidential information.

Dunbar Digital Armor provides the above industries and more with the best, most cost-effective cybersecurity solution around!

If you would like to learn more about Dunbar Digital Armor, please contact us by calling 1.800.888.2129 or visit our website today!

“Securely Managing Your Cash and Valuables”

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