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ATM Service

The success of your ATM network depends on how well it can meet your customers’ demand for fast, convenient access to funds. Our service reputation and dedicated resources are focused to ensure your ATMs are up and running round-the-clock.

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ATM replenishment

Dunbar handles everything from cash order preparation, to timely replenishment, to settlement of your terminal. We’ll also manage deposit verification and residual cash, and even deliver your perishables (receipt paper, etc.) before you run short.

E-Cash ordering

For the times when your ATM unexpectedly runs low on funds, Dunbar provides comprehensive emergency cash replenishment, delivered within the timeframes you define.

Access to detailed reports

Keep track of your ATM activity using Valu‑Trak, Dunbar's secure web portal, delivering reporting of your ATM service activity and more.

Expert conversion teams

Our ATM Specialists expertly coordinate and execute onsite conversions to ensure your ATMs run seamlessly and with zero downtime from your first day of service.

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ATM Service benefits

Improved customer experience

Today’s consumers expect your ATMS to be up and running flawlessly at all times. Dunbar service means they won’t be disappointed.

Improved cash replenishment and settlement

Our experienced teams ensure your machines settle efficiently and never run short on cash.

Automated reporting

Access to secure, web-based reports, anytime, anywhere.

First- and second-line maintenance

Dunbar's single-source solution will help reduce your “out of scope” first and second-line maintenance costs.

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