Cash Management


Everyday, Dunbar Armored trucks transport cash, coin, and other valuables to and from our clients’ businesses. Our trucks and Driver/Guards keep commerce moving by securely transporting their cargo and streamlining the cash management process, providing our customers peace of mind knowing their employees and deposits are protected.

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Business deposits

Transport your cash and checks safely to
the bank.

Cash Vault Services

Pair Armored Services with our Cash Vaulting Services and have your currency transported to, and processed at, one of Dunbar’s nationwide Cash Vaults.


Get the change you need delivered safely to your door.

Cash Manager Safes

A Dunbar smart safe with cellular connectivity lets you keep track of your currency twenty-four hours a day from any location, while mitigating internal and external theft risks. Our Armored teams will pick up cash from the safe and deliver it to your bank.

Bank branch services

Dunbar Armored provides branch cash and coin delivery and pick-up on behalf of our financial institution clients.

ATM Services

Dunbar handles preparation of cash orders, replenishment of ATMs, full settlement of the terminal, plus comprehensive reporting.

Additional services

Replacement and restocking of perishables (receipt paper, etc.), verification of deposits and residual cash, and emergency cash deliveries.

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Armored Services benefits

Personalized, dedicated support

A passionate and knowledgeable customer service team devoted to your organization.

Deposit security

We provide dual verification, receipt book signatures, bar code tracking, audit trails, and all-risk insurance, to ensure accuracy and security for your deposits.

Mitigated risk

Eliminate exposure to risk for your employees, your business, and even yourself by removing the need to transport money to and from the bank.

Simplified reporting

All essential transactional information is captured and transmitted to Dunbar’s Valu‑Trak secure web portal, where it is available to you twenty-four hours a day.

All-Risk insurance

All shipments are covered by our comprehensive, industry-leading cargo insurance.

Nationwide network

Services are available across the country, ready to serve your expanding needs.

Our Philosophy

Dunbar’s long-standing success in Armored Services is due in part to a philosophy based on three pillars of the highest standards.

Show of force

Our trucks are shiny clean, our armed Driver/Guards crisp and disciplined in uniform, projecting strength and capability at every stop. And quality, visible identification means you’re certain it’s Dunbar, every time.

Trustworthy employees

Extensive screening of all potential employees means we hire the best, and keep them by offering long-term opportunity for growth and promotion.

Latest technology

Every item we move is digitally scanned and tracked and every trip monitored through multiple checkpoints, giving us eye‑in‑the‑sky awareness of all our cargo at all times. And all crucial data is uploaded in to our secure Valu‑Trak reporting system, accessible to our customers online, twenty‑four hours a day.

Dunbar's Full Range of Cash Management Services

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