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...we've lived by one simple mantra - Loyalty + Protection. We're a family owned business that values our clients as one of our own.



Our story

From 1923 - Present day

  • The Dunbar

    The Dunbar family tradition begins. George W. Dunbar co-founds Mercer and Dunbar, New England's first armored car company.


    Armored Express

    James L. Dunbar establishes Federal Armored Express in Baltimore, Maryland, evolving into the nation's largest independent armored transportation company.


    Dunbar Protective Services

    James L. Dunbar founds Dunbar Guard, originally Loughlin Security, providing business with professionally trained guards. Dunbar Guard later becomes Dunbar Protective Services.


    Cash Vault Services

    Dunbar Cash Vault Services is created to provide efficient cash-counting and deposit verification services through utilization of the latest technologies.



    James L. Dunbar charters the Independent Armored Car Operators Association (IACOA).


    Kevin Dunbar

    Kevin Dunbar continues the family tradition, becoming the third generation of Dunbars to join the company. Like his father, he too would learn the business from the ground up, gaining valuable first-hand experience.


    Cash For Cash

    Dunbar pioneers the cash-for-cash exchange change order delivery service for retailers nationwide, with the launch of COD service, now known as Dunbar EZChange.


    Continuing To Expand

    The Dunbar family of companies continues to expand, adding Dunbar Security Systems, providing electronic surveillance protection, alarm systems, and central station monitoring services.


    Dunbar Security Products

    Dunbar Security Products is established, providing businesses with security and banking products, including the introduction of the void-sealed cash security containers which quickly become an industry standard.


    ATM Cash Management Service

    Dunbar focuses on serving the needs of its financial customers with the introduction of its ATM Cash Management Service, providing institutions with optimization of ATM cash loads, reduced vault inventories, detailed reporting, and more.


    United As Dunbar

    The six operating companies—Federal Armored Express, Cash Vault Services, Loughlin Guard Services, EZ-Audit Security Products, & Security Systems—are united under the Dunbar name, together establishing the Most Trusted Name in Security.


    Cash Manager Safes

    Dunbar begins marketing smart safes—electronic, bill-validating in-store safes—now known as Dunbar Cash Manager Safes, to retail cash intensive businesses.



    Dunbar launches handheld scanning and barcoding of shipments through the Dunbar D-Trak system, providing nationwide parcel tracking technology and data reporting.


    Virtual Vault

    Dunbar Cash Vault Services continues to grow, introducing Virtual Banking—our virtual vault solution.



    Dunbar provides new tools to improve customer’s management of daily cash logistics activity across their location with centralized customer information access, through a secure web-based portal called Dunbar Valu-Trak.


    Technological Innovation

    Dunbar’s focus on technological innovation to serve the growing needs of our customers results in the continued expansion of the Dunbar Valu-Trak platform. This introduces the Dunbar Cash-Aware, providing two-way 3G wireless safe communication and reporting system, electronic web invoicing, and handheld system upgrade.



    Dunbar enters the world of cybersecurity by establishing Dunbar Cybersecurity—a division that provides security protection, threat assessment, analysis, and remediation for customers in the digital environment.


    Dunbar Security Solutions

    In 2015, Dunbar unveiled their Security Solutions division in the newly built Security Operations Center (SOC). The SOC became the heart of all things Cybersecurity and other Dunbar monitoring services. The work we do might look different in cyberspace, but the mission remains the same.


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